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Much of a yacht’s equipment and systems are dependent on some form of plumbing. Engines and other mechanical equipment need fuel and cooling water delivered, and exhaust water and gas expelled. Sinks, toilets and showers need hot and cold fresh water delivered, and waste water to drain away, be stored in grey or black water tanks or to be expelled. Other systems that rely on ducting, piping and high pressure hose include air conditioning and refrigeration, ventilation, deck and cockpit drains and hydraulics for winches, windlasses, autopilots, and more. All of these types of equipment require different hose, pipe and ducting and each model and application may require different diameter, pressure rating and type of connectors.

A well designed and maintained plumbing system allows for reliable and efficient operation of your yacht and its equipment. The plumbing system may require upgrading and overhaul due to deterioration of its many parts. New equipment from upgrades may necessitate upgrading to higher capacity plumbing components. Marine Solutions can repair, upgrade or improve your yacht’s plumbing system to keep it safe and being able to function properly.

Sanitation System

Marine Solutions can supply, replace or upgrade any part of your yacht’s sanitation system. Marine toilets can be replaced with brand new models or with better quality manual or electric flush and fresh water flush models. Fresh water heads eliminate the bad smell from bacteria building up in sea water intake hoses. Electric heads flush with a touch of a button instead of manually pumping water in and waste out. New local and federal “no pump out zones” require a yacht to be able to store or treat waste water.

There are various sanitation systems to store and treat waste water
including holding tanks and chemical, electric and bio treatment systems. Each system requires valves, hoses, thru-hulls and pumps. The type, size and number of these components are based on the size and complexity of the yacht.

Fresh Water System

The typical fresh water system on a yacht includes one or more fresh water tanks, a fresh water manifold to direct water from the tanks, pressure pump or pumps, accumulator to build and store pressure, a series of hoses or pipes to deliver hot and cold water, a hot water heater, engine heat exchanger for engine hot water and then faucets, mixers and showers for use in the galley, head or shower compartments.

Marine Solutions can repair, replace or upgrade any part of the water system to increase efficiency or to improve styling. We can install new electric or “on demand” gas hot water heaters and beautiful new faucets and mixers.

Reverse Osmosis Water Makers

If you plan on cruising to areas where you cannot easily acquire safe, fresh water you will need to install a reverse osmosis water maker. These devices use high pressure pumping and a series of special filter membranes to take sea water and turn it into clean pure drinking water. The water makers need to be properly located, installed and integrated into the fresh water system and electrical system of the yacht. They vary in size and complexity based on the size and fresh water requirements of the yacht. We represent and install some of the finest water makers available in standard or custom models.


There are various tanks on your yacht to store fresh water, fuel, LPG and waste water. Tanks can be made out of steel, stainless steel, aluminum,
Monel, various types of plastics, fiberglass and rubber. Older yachts may have tanks that have corroded, cracked or deteriorated and may require repair or replacing. You may need larger capacity tanks, improved baffling and venting or different material tanks based on switching the type of fuel or material you are storing. Tanks require proper engineering for strength and rigidity, baffling for fluid motion control, monitoring systems and gauges for level control, inspection ports for cleaning, venting for fumes and expansion gas, and well designed and installed plumbing for safe, proper and controlled delivery. Marine Solutions can provide and install stock tanks and top quality custom fabricated tanks. We make sure the right type, size, shape and
material is incorporated into a new tank or tank system.


Marine HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) includes marine
heaters, both forced air and hot water systems, single unit and central air conditioning systems, and various ventilation systems. Heating systems can be reverse cycle from air conditioning units, electric, diesel, hot water forced air or heat exchanger systems from the engine. Air conditioning systems can be made from stand-alone units, central units, forced air or chilled water systems. It is important to engineer the proper amount of btu capacity to match the size, shape, insulation and type of cabins being heated or cooled. Marine Solutions knows how to match your yacht’s existing specifications with your planned use to create an energy efficient high quality system to meet your heating, cooling and refrigeration requirements. We carry many of the best known brands including Webasto Heaters.


Refrigeration and freezer systems can be 110 volt, 12/24 volt, water cooled, engine driven, evaporator or cold plate models. Often several redundant types are combined to cover all possible usage needs. The type and size unit used is dependent on the size, insulation and number of refrigerator and freezer compartments to cool. A critical factor is ensuring there is enough cooling of air and water for the compressor and cooling units and that their power demands are matched by the yacht’s ability to produce and provide the required power. Marine Solutions offers the best brands of high quality refrigeration and freezer units and can custom fabricate refrigerator and freezer boxes or upgrade insulation on your existing boxes.

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