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This is where it all happens, enjoying the sun and the fun: docking, anchoring, fishing, hoisting and furling sails, racing, launching the inflatable, sipping evening cocktails.

If you are a sailor and you want to be able to single hand or sail with reduced crew, or grinding winches hurts your back; if you are a power boater and you want to swim and fish off a swim platform, or you want to enjoy freshly grilled steaks from a new deck mounted barbecue console, then you will want to have a Marine Solutions deck upgrade.

There has been an evolution in marine deck equipment as new technologies and materials have created lighter, faster, more powerful and better styled gear. There are great opportunities for older yachts to benefit from adding or upgrading new deck equipment.

Marine Solutions can help design a new deck layout or quote for replacing any existing equipment or gear with more modern or improved alternatives. We are extremely careful to make sure that all installations are located accurately and are well bedded to be completely watertight. A deck upgrade adds a great deal of value to your yacht.

Custom Windows
Pilothouse and other marine windows can be made from a variety of materials: Lexan, Plexiglas, safety glass, tempered glass and even bullet proof glass. They typically need to be carefully templated and custom made to fit. There are a number of extremely durable and capable marine sealers and adhesives that we choose from to best fit the material and type of installation.

Hatches are a perfect example of deck gear that has greatly improved over time. Adding a hatch to a cabin that is a bit dark and stuffy can result in a bright new feel below. Replacement of older existing hatches can greatly improve the look of the deck and cause increased lighting, ventilation and water tightness. New hatches look and work great and are a super investment in your yacht.

Portholes often deteriorate over time. Many of the older models were plastic and became crazed, cracked or weakened by UV rays. Aluminum or other metal models can become corroded or pitted. This results in annoying and damaging leaks to the interior and reduced light, and it doesn’t look shipshape. Upgrading from plastic to metal portholes can make a huge improvement to the look and enjoyment of your yacht.

Dorade vents are a great way to increase ventilation full time while keeping rain and spray out. The increased ventilation makes living below much more comfortable and keeps interiors smelling fresh by inhibiting mold and mildew. Many yachts have few or no dorade vents so this is a perfect way to easily improve your yacht. We know how and where to add these extremely useful and clever passive ventilators.

Skylights are typically seen on older traditional power and sailing yachts,  however modern and retro versions can be designed and fabricated for modern yachts. They add tremendous light and ventilation and also add a feeling of space below in their cabin. They are usually built from a combination of hardwood, metal and glass. They are an attractive and useful addition to any yacht deck layout and interior. Let Marine Solutions design and build a custom skylight to enhance your yacht.

Vinyl Replacement Windows
Many production yachts, especially power boats, have vinyl windows. Some have aluminum frames and some of stainless steel. They come in all shapes and sizes. Let Marine Solutions replace your production windows or custom windows. We make all sizes and shapes. Stop those leaking windows from destroying your boat. We also restore original configurations.

Mast & Boom Replacement
Advances in design and production technology have made furling masts and booms a realistic alternative to original spars. The furling masts and booms make raising and lowering sails easy and allow for short-handed and single-handed sailing, even on larger boats. They can be manual or powered and are available in aluminum and lightweight carbon, custom built to your yacht’s specifications. Marine Solutions can offer and install spars from the leading manufacturers and is an authorized dealer and installer for Schaefer Furling Booms. Whether you have to replace a damaged mast or boom or just want a new easy to furl system, Marine Solutions can handle the project from start to finish.

A good furler is like having another one or two crew members on board. Marine Solutions can replace or upgrade your current jib or mainsail furling system. Furlers can also be used for staysails and asymmetrical spinnakers. We represent the leading and most respected brands including Schaefer, Harken, Profurl Facnor and others.

Travelers are an important tool for mainsail shape control and very important for having the ability to quickly de-power your mainsail. A well engineered traveler system is easy to control and can make your boat faster and safer. Marine Solutions can design and fabricate custom traveler bridges, traveler arches and layout and install the appropriate easy to control traveler system match to your boat’s deck layout.

Dinghy Davits
There are a variety of quality davit systems available on the market. Marine Solutions can offer and sell these davit systems. We can design, fabricate and install custom made davits to fit your boat and your particular requirements for dinghy size and weight, and manual or electric hoists. We can incorporate custom accessories such as lights, outboard motor cranes and radar or solar panel mounts.

It is important to have properly sized and well placed winches to maximize power and the ease of trimming your sails. Older winches sometimes need repair or replacement. Upgrading to self-tailing winches or power winches greatly reduce the work and strength required for operation. Marine Solutions can install any of the well-known winch brands including Harken and Lewmar. We make sure that winches are safely and securely mounted with strong backing plates, are well bedded to avoid leaks and that power winches have the correct wiring, battery and breaker capacity, and switch location for safe and reliable operation.

Standing rigging such as shrouds and stays and running rigging, the halyards, lines and sheets deteriorate over time and will eventually need replacement. There are a variety of new strong, low stretch materials that have been incorporated into modern line technology. New sheets can be thinner, stronger and more durable and can greatly reduce friction. Marine Solutions, working with the best cordage, rigging manufacturers and riggers, can offer individual items or complete running or standing rigging replacements and upgrades.

Hydraulic cylinders are used to control high load items often with remote locations. Typical applications on racing or cruising boats include backstay adjusters, boom vangs, out hauls, cunninghams, inner forestays, lifting keels and boards. Remote hydraulic control systems can also be used for powering furlers, winches, windlasses and capstans. Marine Solutions can repair or install hydraulic cylinder adjusters or power hydraulic control systems.

The windlass is one of the most important pieces of deck gear on a yacht. The ability to be able to quickly anchor and quickly raise your anchor can be critical to the safety of your yacht and crew. Reliability, speed and power are crucial elements of what your windlass needs to get the job done. It is important to have the properly sized windlass and equally important that it is well mounted, has ample electrical or hydraulic power available, convenient control switches and proper anchor chain or anchor line leads. Often production yachts have undersized or poorly installed windlass systems and this can result in problems in emergency situations. Marine Solutions can service, replace or upgrade your windlass and anchoring system. We represent some of the finest brands and manufacturers including Lewmar, Lofrans, Muir and others.

Capstans are electric or hydraulic deck winches used to power dock line control for larger yachts. They are typically located near the stern or aft cockpit and sometimes forward as well. It is important to have the proper line lead, correct mounting, reliable switch controls and ample hydraulic or electric power available to operate them in extreme conditions. Marine Solutions can handle all capstan service, upgrade or replacement.

Antenna Arches
Radars, TV antennas, sat phone antennas and other devices often require special location mounting to maintain clear reception. This is especially the case with radar to avoid potentially damaging exposure to the signals sent out. Every yacht has different geometry. Custom solutions or modifications are often required to properly complete an antenna, radome or hybrid combination installation. Marine Solutions can supply the correct mounting design solution and provide and install a production or custom arch, pedestal or mount.

Swim Platforms
If your power boat doesn’t have a swim platform we can fabricate and install one for you. If your platform is too small or you wish to incorporate steps, storage, cradles, hoists, lights or any other custom alteration, Marine Solutions can do it.

Custom Consoles
We can fabricate and install custom on-deck fiberglass consoles for built in barbecues, refrigerators, engine controls, storage, as well as custom seating units. These various items can be styled to match your yacht’s appearance and existing design.

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