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There is no place where proper preventative maintenance and safety precautions are more important and necessary than in the engine room.

A non-functioning engine means a motor yacht is stranded and unusable.

Sailing yachts rely on the engine and mechanical equipment for safety, an easy means of mobility, and the ability to use and enjoy many auxiliary items that operate with it.

These items also likely represent the most expensive and complex portion of your yacht’s specification and inventory.

Marine Solutions has the experience, knowledge and capability to repair, upgrade or replace your engines and any other mechanical equipment on your yacht. We represent the best manufacturers and brands of engines, generators, transmission and running gear and other mechanical products.

What we also can do for you is develop innovative ways to improve the performance, efficiency and safety of your engine and mechanical equipment. A neat, clean and well organized engine room is a lovely thing to behold, but it also means that fluid leaks and abnormal functioning of equipment can easily be detected and quickly dealt with.

Marine Solutions can detail, service, re-wire, re-insulate and re-plumb your engine room to make it a safe, quiet and more efficient center for operating and maintaining your engine and mechanical equipment.


New technology and manufacturing processes have enabled engine manufacturers to make great strides in design and fabrication. Older engines can be replaced with lighter, more powerful and more efficient
models. These new engines can offer greater horsepower for a given footprint or provide a smaller footprint for the same amount of power and torque. Fuel efficiency and range can be greatly optimized. We can
help you choose the most appropriate engine replacement for your yacht.

Engines require major service or re-building at some factory specified number of hours. Engines can be removed for major overhauls or
replacement. This can be a great time to clean, detail and upgrade the rest of the surrounding engine room with the additional space and access afforded by the engine being out of the boat.

Marine Solutions can repair, provide parts and filters, service or replace such well-known brands of diesel and gas engines as Beta Marine,
Yanmar, Perkins, Westerbeke, Cummins, Detroit, Ford Lehman, Mazda Rotary marine conversions and others.

Gears / Transmissions

Noise, vibration and inefficiency do not necessarily mean you need a total replacement of your transmission, V-drive, hydraulic drive or sail drive. Sometimes a simple realignment of the engine, transmission and drive shaft can solve serious issues. Rebuilding transmissions and drive units can increase efficiency, stop slippage and can avoid future deterioration of the unit.

Marine Solutions can identify whether a repair, rebuild or replacement is most appropriate for your boat and perform the proper job.

Stuffing Boxes

Traditional stuffing boxes and stern tube glands can be adjusted and
re-stuffed or replaced with modern bellows no-leak replacements. This will keep the shaft properly lubricated as it passes through the stern tube gland with minimal water intrusion.

Thrust Bearings & Couplers

Bad alignment causes noise, vibration, leaks and damage. Separate thrust bearing units such as Scatra Drives and other vibration-reducing bearings and couplings can be installed to eliminate excessive vibration long distances between transmission and stuffing box. They can also help avoid serious damage to your transmission. The result is quiet, efficient performance and longevity of power train equipment and components.
Rudders & Struts

Misalignment or grounding can damage struts, rudders and associated bearings. Struts and cutlass bearings can be checked for repair,
replacement and to see if new bearings are required.


Groundings or hitting unseen underwater objects can damage shafts
and props. We can repair, replace, re-balance and service propeller shafts and props, often with very fast turnaround times. Propeller design and efficiency is a whole discipline of marine engineering. There are many choices today for improved propeller options that can maximize speed, range, power and fuel efficiency. We can offer fixed, feathering, folding and other sophisticated and efficient propeller choices.


We can inspect your engine and mechanical equipment for problems to make sure they are operating as designed and as efficiently as possible by utilizing the latest diagnostic tools and equipment available. We work in conjunction with the manufacturer’s technical departments to analyze and interpret the diagnostic data to best maximize performance.


Much of today’s modern marine equipment operates on hydraulics.
Hydraulics offer tremendous power and efficiency in relatively small lightweight drive units. Hydraulic motors and pumps effectively operate multiple remote drive units for equipment items such as windlasses, capstans, winches, furling systems, bow thrusters, and even main
propulsion systems. We make use of some of the most advanced high pressure hydraulic connectors to insure longevity and eliminate leaks and connection failures. We can service your existing components or design, integrate and install modern innovative and efficient hydraulic systems to make operation of your yacht safer and easier.

Fuel System

All marine engines run on fuel of some kind, typically gas or diesel.
Whatever your engine’s fuel type it needs to be kept clean and delivered clean to your engine. There are a variety of fuel filters that pre-filter the fuel from your tanks by separating water, debris and algae from the fuel before it can get to your engine and cause trouble. All engines have some type of primary filter built into the engine as well. Contaminated fuel can greatly reduce the power and efficiency of your engine and make it unusable. Marine Solutions can replace or upgrade your existing filter system or design and install a new and improved fuel filter system. Some choices include multiple stage filters, multiple micron spec filters, filter manifold switching systems, contamination alarms and more.

Oil Lubricating System

Scheduled changing of engine oil is a necessary hassle. It’s usually hard
to reach and maneuver the drain plug without making a mess. Portable pumps are messy, inefficient and you still have to deal with storing and disposing the dirty oil. Automatic oil changing systems can greatly
simplify this process, but you still have to dispose of the used oil.

There are also long term oil purifying systems that are constantly filtering and renewing your lubricating oil. The advantage of these systems is that you don’t need to change your oil and the oil is always doing the best job protecting your engine as it is always 99.9% clean. Marine Solutions can help upgrade your oil changing process or install an efficient oil filtration.

Energy Management

Marine Solutions can solve your power production and consumption issues with high quality components incorporated into a sensible and efficient energy management system. Your yacht’s equipment and appliances may consume more energy than your generator, engine alternator, battery charger and converter can supply.

You can upgrade to technologically advanced equipment models, add passive energy collectors such as solar panels and wind turbines, and add high storage capacity batteries and inverters. We can effectively match or exceed your power consumption with the energy produced.

The end result is that you will be able to utilize and enjoy the benefits of the equipment you have and avoid power interruption or depletion of your battery bank while sailing or anchored.
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