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Marine Solutions can diagnose, repair, replace and install the full array of electrical components, electrical equipment and electrical systems.

Modern yachts have a dazzling array of equipment and accessories that all operate on electrical power. Lights, navigation and communication electronics, hydraulic pumps, air conditioning, refrigeration, TVs, bilge pumps. and the list goes on…

A yacht’s electrical system is a complex integration of wires, connections, switches, fuses, breaker, panels, chargers, batteries, inverters and more. It must be engineered and maintained to survive and operate in the harsh marine environment often subjected to high levels of corrosive moisture and salt, excessive pounding and vibration, and large temperature fluctuations.

Additionally, when a yacht is not plugged into shore power it is “off the grid” and must rely fully on its own capacity to supply power for its equipment requirements and to be able to quickly and efficiently re-charge as needed on a continuous basis. Power consumption and power generation have to be balanced to insure continuous operation of the yacht and its accessories. There are a variety of products that have been developed and that have evolved to produce power, store power, balance and manage power as well as more that attempt to accomplish these tasks in a “green” way.

Marine Solutions understands the considerations and factors to designing, upgrading, implementing and maintaining the electrical system on your yacht. We can analyze your power requirements and existing system to propose the appropriate products and layout to efficiently meet your needs.

Wind Generators

Go Green! Wind generators have become increasingly popular for marine applications. They produce DC power that can be used to charge your battery bank. They are typically installed on the aft end of sailing yachts on stock or custom aluminum, steel or composite poles and arches and at various places on long range cruising power yachts. When the wind blows it turns a turbine blade that activates a small electrical generator to produce DC current. The more wind, the more power created. This current passes through a proprietary switch/controller or to one already installed in the yacht and then to the battery bank. Different units supply different amounts of power based on blade and generator design and size, efficiency, quality and technology of the components. Marine Solutions sells and installs a number of wind generators and wind turbines for marine, commercial and residential use.

Solar Panels

Solar power is a growing component for power generation for yachts
and ships. It’s green and it produces power quietly and consistently. Solar cells passively absorb sunlight and convert it to DC power which is sent through a switch/controller and then used to charge a battery bank. Each solar cell produces a small amount of power so multiple cells are installed in various sized solar panels. The amount of energy generation is based on the size of the panels and number of cells, efficiency of technology of the panels, the number of panels used and the amount of sunlight that strikes the panels. Solar panels are often mounted on top of biminis, cockpit enclosures, cabin tops and special stern brackets. Marine Solutions has experience with a variety of solar panel applications.

Electrical Distribution Panels

Marine Solutions can replace your yacht’s existing electrical panel with a new upgraded panel from one of the leading panel manufacturers such Paneltronics, Bass and Newmar. The new panels are great looking and incorporate DC and AC volt meters and amp meters, hydraulic breakers, custom layouts with cut-out switches to incorporate inverter, generator and shore power controls. Custom sub-panels, high load switches and exterior waterproof panels are available as well. Tell us what you need and we can have it fabricated and install it for you.

There is no place out on the water to get your yacht jump started.
Marine batteries have a certain effective life span and eventually need
to be replaced. Marine Solutions can replace or upgrade your battery
system. You might need to increase your house battery bank due to a
new 12 volt refrigeration unit being added or if you will be spending more time on the mooring instead of at the dock. You might want to add a
separate battery bank to segregate a high load item like a windlass or power winches or you just may want more power. Whatever the reason Marine Solutions can provide the best batteries to suit your needs whether they are gel cells, Deep Cycle, AGM, or starting batteries, and
in whatever size you need from Group 24 to large 8D models. Marine
Solutions recently installed a bank of 32 8D Gel Cell Batteries as a custom energy storage component for a large off the grid alternate energy

Battery Chargers

Battery chargers turn 110v or 220v dockside AC shore power into 12v or 24v DC ship’s power. There are a variety of models to match the number of batteries, battery banks and type of batteries you have. Some of the bigger units get very high tech with special charging and overload protection technology. Marine Solutions offers the best brands and can provide with the right unit for your application.


If you don’t like the hassle and noise of a generator you can use an
inverter. Inverters convert your yacht’s DC electricity stored in the battery banks into 110v AC power to be used by 110 v equipment and appliances such as power tools, vacuums, TVs, computers, chargers, fans and refrigeration. Inverters are sized to match your power load requirements and number of battery banks and range from simple low watt units to sophisticated high load units. These larger units are sometimes combined with battery chargers into one model.


Marine lighting choices used to be limited to a few brands of traditional and sometimes unattractive fixtures. There are now a tremendous variety of marine lighting choices. Brands and models are available in spots, floods, recess mount, wall mount, courtesy, underwater, explosion proof emergency, waterproof deck and even underwater variations. Voltages range from 12v, 24v, and 110v. Bulbs are available in incandescent, halogen, LED and other low energy types. The new low energy bulbs really conserve ship’s battery power. There are now lights to suit every purpose, function, styling choices and the material finishes available are superb and can enhance any interior décor or exterior look. New lighting can be a major component of a yacht restoration or refit. Let Marine Solutions light up your yacht.
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